Massage at Solea Beauty

Solea Beauty offers a full range of massage treatments in East Grinstead. We can also offer you customised massage treatments choosing the type you want, contact us with your requirements. Deep tissue massage, back massage, neck and shoulders – there are lots of possibilities to choose from.

Lava Shell Massage: Back 30 mins, Full Body 1 hr

A Lava Shell massage is a warming therapy to get rid of all types of common pains by effectively reduce muscle tension. Warm shells are used to provide maximum relaxation and comfort by ensuring continuous heat throughout your treatment. This extremely effective and eco-friendly massage is used by many spas and beauty salons

Deep Tissue Full body Massage: 1 hr

A deep tissue massage is an excellent way to relax and heal your body. To maximise it's therapeutic effects we use the best oils to improve the muscle manipulation and to make the massage more relaxing. This full body massage allows for total relaxation because a different technique being used for each body part.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: 30 mins

Our massage specialists can offer you a fully relaxing massage to eradicate the pain and tension in the upper body. We only use the best oils and we prepare the right atmosphere with relaxing music and aroma, this will maximise the sensations you will experience.

Chocolate full body massage: 1 hr

Candle full body massage: 1 hr

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