The ultimate acne and hydration treatments using an advanced plasma technology.
Plason by Artemis is a revolutionary, clinically proven plasma technology to help you achieve the skin you want.

Clinical evidence has shown Plason to be a solution to fight active acne by sterilising the skin and removing bacteria. The treatment also aids transdermal absorption within the skin, stimulating skin regeneration and boosting collagen for clearer, healthier, firmer skin.

Plason has shown to be a solution for:

  • Active Acne
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Collagen Remodelling
  • Sebum Reduction
  • Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Pigmentation

The Plason hand piece harvests the plasma and releases ions and plasma radicals onto the skin. These particles are unstable in our natural environment, so in order to stabilise themselves, they attach to the bacteria on the skin. They then break down the bacteria’s molecular structure, excreting all the germs, killing the bacteria, and sterilising the skin.

Plason is clinically proven for acne and most people start to see results after 1-2 treatments. There are no side effects and no pain or downtime, as well as no age restriction. The treatment is only 5 minutes long and can be treated on all skin types. It can also be used while on oral medication.

Plason is completely non ablative, meaning it does not impact the skin or tissue. There are no side effects or downtime. In rare cases you will experience slight redness that normally disappears in less than 20 minutes.

Treatments tend to last 5-10 minutes and results can be seen after just 1 treatment. To get your desired results we recommend booking a consultation first to discuss a treatment plan.

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