Dominika Trussler

I am an independent woman and I shine. I run my own business, Solea Beauty, and wholeheartedly believe in delivering the best possible products and services to my clientele. Customer service and helping people to feel better about themselves is something I am truly passionate about and believe in.

I believe that my purpose is to light the way for others, to ensure that I add benefit to others lives, whether it’s personally or professionally. Most of us have suffered at some point or other with self-doubt and low self-esteem. What can be more satisfying than helping others to believe in themselves and to see them grow as a person? If my life experiences and professional beauty skills can impart even a little help to someone in need then I am more than happy to share.

I believe in continually advancing my professional knowledge so I can help others advance their knowledge. I believe in developing my skills and to pass those newfound skills on to benefit my clientele.

Dorota Stanislawska

Beauty was present in my life from very young age, as a teenager I was ballroom dancer and I loved it. At age 12 I already had to learn how to do my own makeup and paint my nails. Dancing help me gain confidence and make me realise that if you work hard and put your soul and heart in to what you love to do the results will speak for themselves. With that philosophy I try to go through life.

At the very beginning of my adult life I realise I’m people person and I have to work with clients. For many years I worked in hospitality which I enjoyed but deep down I knew that there was a different carrier ached of me. I have known Dom for 15 years and I have always admired her work and how successful she is. One day we where just chatting with a cup of coffee and we came up with idea of me joining her business. It was 4 long years of practice and hard work to get me where I’m now. Dom has huge passion and unbelievable knowledge and I’m very lucky that she decided to share that with me, she is my best friend, teacher, phenomenal business women and successful salon owner.

This is not just a job any more, this is my passion, I love the fact I learn something new everyday and I continue developing my skills and knowledge. I meet amazing people everyday who inspire me with different life stories I’m very privileged that they sharing some of them with us. If my job help someone put their smile on their faces and get their mojo back I’m successful and that is a fantastic feeling. Beauty doesn’t have age, anyone deserve to feel beautiful in their on skin no matter if you struggle with teen acne or ageing skin there are ways to fix it, so let us help you.